Thomas White

Over the past forty years, I have created and led private and public organizations that initiated disruptive breakthroughs in areas as diverse as computer software, publishing, printing, market research, professional services, leadership development and organizational change.

The common ingredients in my experiences are simple. I looked beyond the limitations that others believed and synthesized technology and human systems to create solutions others didn’t see. I attracted the best talent to translate these innovative solutions into practical, high value products and services while forming cultures where people loved what they did and worked at their best creating amazing results.

Along the way, I realized how little I really knew and began the search to expand my horizons beyond that of a “smart” guy. Over the past twenty years, I have studied from teachers who are masters in areas as diverse as somatics, psychology, linguistics, shamanism, philosophy and eastern religion. From my past and continuing learning, I find the simple underlying truths of life.
From my learning and experiences, I now focus on helping others find the answers to the questions that most concern them. The simplest way to speak about this is finding true success in all areas of life. Through my company, Profoundly Simple, we provide programs and services that help leaders learn to transform themselves and their teams into authentic, heartful organizations. These organizations are no longer transactional in nature, rather they provide the best value and service through long-term relationships with those they serve. This shift overrides the growth at any cost mentality common in today’s business world to one of service, respect and fairness for all involved.

I have written articles for numerous publications, served as a conference speaker around the world, often featured in the media and serve as the executive producer of the syndicated radio programs, Business Matters and the soon to be released Heart of Business. I also serve as the executive director of the Awakened Heart Foundation.