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Planet Earth has entered the Anthropocene, the geological age during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment. Scientists speculate that the Anthropocene may be the harbinger for the sixth mass extinction in our history unless, says Muktananda, humanity undergoes a major shift in consciousness – a shift that will profoundly alter the historical understanding about who we are and the planet we inhabit. Anthropocene: The Tears of Gaia explores the relationship between quantum physics and the evolution of consciousness, a state in which we recognize that we are one energetic body grounded in pure unconditional love. It explains why homo sapiens must have evolved as biologically loving beings and why we must reconnect to our essence if we are to survive as a species. It shows how beliefs determine our perceptions which, in turn, shape our reality. It demonstrates how we can consciously create new realities through the generative power of language, and explores what the post- COVID-19 pandemic economy will look like. It discusses how the ascent of the divine feminine in each of us is bringing about the death of the patriarchy, and argues that religions must undergo a radical transformation if they are to remain relevant in the new era humanity must create. This book is scheduled for release in June 2020.