PaVima is a poetic expression of the Sanskrit word denoting higher dimensions of consciousness. It reflects our understanding that we are multi-dimensional beings. Our human experience simply constitutes one aspect of our multi-dimensionality, or states of consciousness.


PaVima recognizes that we are spiritual beings of light who chose to have a human experience. We are not human beings striving to have a spiritual experience. We made that choice from the 5th dimension, a state of consciousness where light, love and oneness reign supreme – our natural state of being. However, the denser energetic frequencies of the 3rd dimension (our lives on earth) predominantly manifest as fear and separation such that we soon forget the light and love that we are. This condition is the root of our suffering.


To overcome this condition, PaVima offers coaching and media resources designed to help us awaken from this illusionary dream state. Accessing our deep-seated intuition helps us remember why we chose to take birth. We find our way back home by learning to master the 3rd dimension from the paradigm of 5th dimensional consciousness. This process enables us to redesign our lives so they are in alignment with our purpose or dharma, resulting in lives filled with wisdom, purpose and passion.