embrace your transformation


Muktananda offers transformational coaching to individuals who wish to bring their lives and careers into greater energetic alignment with 5th dimensional consciousness. An initial ½ hour consultation (by phone, Zoom or in-person) is complimentary. Subsequent one-hour phone sessions cost $250. For more information, please call or e-mail: +1 (561) 327-7544 | info@pavima.com.

Ontological coaching is a rigorous methodology for redesigning the self – our beingness in the world. It focuses, not on what we go through in life, but how we go through it. The “what” provides useful information about the things that trigger old patterns of behavior. The “how” is the method by which a skilled ontological coach helps clients become rigorous observes of such behaviors in the moment, so they can shift.


Ontological coaching, just like every other professional coaching practice, is organized around certain recurrent breakdowns. In this case, the recurrent breakdowns are fear and separation, and the suffering they produce. It allows a person to observe him or herself as a self — as a particular way of being human. It involves a process of transformation in which the person chooses to observe, question and change the principles of coherence that constitute the “self”. What is at stake is their way of being in the world.


Ontological coaching operates from a new paradigm, one that expands an individual’s space of possibilities.  Most people fail to reach such heights because they are stuck in fear and suffer because of it. By dealing with suffering as a basis for self-observation, the foundation is laid for profound transformation and its qualities of integrity, personal responsibility, authenticity, and compassion, resulting in a life of abundance, wisdom, purpose, and passion.