The Heart of Leadership Program

As conscious human beings we are aware that we on this planet to play our part in the spiritual awakening and transformation of society. The greatest investment people make with their time is the work they do. This work is centered in the organizations they are part of. Transformation of these organizations requires leaders who themselves have learned to embody heart-centered leadership.

Most people are not aware of the extent to which their beliefs shape the way they see the world, their language informs the way they think, or how their customs and practices structure them as social beings. In time, they become unconscious expressions of the reality upon which those practices are based. As a result, they continue in old patterns, and their ability to effect real transformation is greatly limited.

To overcome these obstacles, transformational leaders must learn to extricate themselves from these limiting belief systems, and create, instead, a new interpretation and embodiment of what is to be human — one that is grounded in the heart– our natural state of being.

The Heart of Leadership is a 3-month program designed to awaken leaders to their true nature. It is grounded in unconditional love, ontology, somatics and energetic alignment — powerful foundations for personal and organizational transformation. This program, in its structure and design, creates a larger context than the one in which most people are immersed. As such, it calls us forth by drawing us out of our limited self into our expanded transcendent self that is our essence. From that state of consciousness, authentic transformation becomes possible.

Who is This Program For?

We all have the opportunity to be our best. If you are someone who has chosen to take on the role of leadership in an organization, this means being the best leader you can be.

Mastery is a road few take. It requires you to step outside your comfort zone and agree to a practice of self-exploration designed to lead you beyond your historic limitations. These limitations arise from your beliefs, and how you communicate. For the most part, you are unware of these constitutive aspects of your “self”.

The Heart of Leadership is for women and men who are ready to step beyond their status quo, and the limitations that entails. They want to create greater meaning in their work and in their lives by expanding their awareness, so they can experience life to its fullest.

What You Can Expect from This Program

Over the course of 90 days, The Heart of Leadership will transform how you think of yourself, reframe what great leadership is, equip you to reshape your organization to attain its greater potential, all in alignment with your purpose and what matters most to you. This is accomplished through an in-depth experience guided by three principles:

  • We are multi-dimensional beings who can only experience our full potential by expanding our traditional awareness
  • Our reality arises from our beliefs and how they are expressed in language
  • True leadership inspires people to work at their best, find meaning in what they do and focus on how they can be in true service to everyone they engage.

Areas of Exploration:

  • Understanding how beliefs impact all aspects of leadership
  • Exploring how language creates reality, and how to use this understanding to guide your organization
  • Developing deep meaning from your work and inspiring those you lead to having this experience as well
  • Inspiring yourself and those who work with you to act with authenticity and integrity in everything they do.
  • Redefining service and how your organization can embody this quality in every engagement with its network.
  • Integrating the body, mind, heart, and spirit of a leader

The Structure of the Program:

3 Two-Day In-Person Events: At these events, our program leaders introduce you to practices supporting the embodiment of your learning and establish learning teams to expand your learning and its application between the in-person events.

Mentoring Calls: Understandably, you will have questions about what you are learning based upon your life experiences. The purpose of the bi-weekly calls is to provide guidance in how to live and embody what you are learning as an active leader.

Online Events: Our program leaders will host two online 90-minute meetings during the program. The purpose of these online events is to expand on the teachings and provide program participants an opportunity to share their experiences and get answers to questions they have as they apply what they are learning in their work environment.

Key Program Information:

This program is limited to 15 leaders who are committed to self-discovery and expanding their ability as a transformational leader.

Cost: $3,000