What Our Clients Say

“I founded Falcone Institute almost 40 years ago. I reached the point where I wanted to turn the leadership reins over to the next generation so I could write and spread my knowledge and experience to a much wider audience. After consulting with colleagues, I decided to engage Muktananda to lead this transition given his expertise in ontological design. Together we founded a feminine-based organizational structure and constituted a new Executive Team. Muktananda masterfully guided us in creating a new strategic direction and coached each member of the team in the transformational leadership skills and practices necessary to implement an organization in alignment with our core values. The results have exceeded my wildest expectations.”
Madeline Falcone, LMFT, Founder, Falcone Institute, a nonresidential psychotherapeutic facility

“I have been working with Muktananda as a business coach and strategist for almost a year. He was referred to me by a trusted friend and energy healer. Since my work deals in the realms of energy and spirit, it is not easy to find someone who understands my work let alone someone who can combine that understanding with extensive knowledge of business, corporations, energy flow, financials, and growth/expansion. I feel like I hit the jackpot with Muktananda! He is clear in his words, visioning, and business-sense. I recommend him for anyone who has a business they are looking to grow from a deeper place of service. I don’t know how to describe how he does what he does….suffice to say that you should schedule with him immediately and find out for yourself.”
Stephanie Banks, Founder & CEO, Soul Insight, LLC

“Muktananda provided me with a new outlook, a new understanding, and an easier and faster path to achieving better results in my company and for my personal growth. His teachings and tools are applied daily.”
Sinthya Penn, Founder & CEO, Beneficial Insectary Inc.

“I highly recommend Muktananda.  He is passionate about his craft, insightful and committed to excellence. As my ontological coach, he connected to my vision and was extremely effective in helping me transform it into concrete results.”
Jodi Taitt, Founder, EcoConsilium, Inc.

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the competence and professionalism with which you implemented your programme Managing the Business Strategically to our European hotel managers.”
Paula Graham, Director, Inter-Continental Management Centre.

“Your program Organizational Design and Development has helped me and my management team capture our vision and set our direction for the next three years. I am especially pleased with the team-based systems you deployed throughout our organization.”
Pete Izzo, President, Amnex, Inc.

“Muktananda is a ‘master’ in the domain of organizational communications!”
Edwin R. Massey, Ph.D., President, Indian River State College.

“Muktananda helped me to see the true essence of who I am and my purpose in life. Through his coaching, I have made great progress in realigning my life to be with integrity.  His guidance has helped in countless ways – from fixing financial issues, incorporating and branding a new business, to empowering me to strengthening the relationship I have with myself.  I am deeply grateful for all that is Muktananda, and highly encourage you to embark on a coaching relationship with him.”
Kate Munson, Owner of K8spa, Licensed Esthetician & Yoga Instructor 

The work I did with Muktananda has brought so much clarity into all areas of my life.
Lisa Guinan

I have gained so much clarity. The practicality and structure of the knowledge allows me to navigate my life more freely.
Anne Buckley

I now have greater awareness and a solid framework for communicating with more awareness and effectiveness in my role as a team leader.
Ashley Woods

I discovered that through understanding myself and being aware of what and how I communicate, I can be a more awake and powerful being, thus a more effective leader.
Priscilla Freedman

I feel that a door has been opened into an entirely new world of pure potential, and I am inspired to put Muktananda’s tremendously powerful teachings into practice.
Amy Kelly

This program and teaching gave me another perspective on what it means to be human and the significance of my words.
Rhonda Spoelstra

Muktananda is an embodiment of successful transformational leadership. His presence transmits this consciousness and models an up-leveled possibility of Self re-organization. Deeply grateful for this opportunity!
Lana Abboud

So joyful, inclusive with human practical assessments offering many ways of awareness for breakdowns and preparation for solutions. Every session was so valuable in everyway.
Maria-Gabriella Molnar

I received many insights regarding clarity with communication. I see how valuable this is as a leader.
Lewis Freedman

The teachings opened a whole new world of knowledge and transformation for me. The program gives me practical tools to design my life. For me it are one of the most powerful tools of transformation I discovered that will serve me as long I am human.
Kristel De Cat

First, I saw what has been lacking in some of my roles. Another was what hasn’t been working on a certain team. Out of the program I renegotiated my role into something that works for me. I’m inspired again. Thank you.
Megan Riley

The training was really interesting and informative and also rich in teaching. I will say that this is a valuable introduction to building my leadership! Gratitude!
Elise Deepa Voisin