Living Your Dharma

Most people are not aware of the extent to which their beliefs shape the way they see the world, their language informs the way they think, or how their customs and practices structure them as social beings. In time, they become unconscious expressions of the reality upon which those beliefs and practices are based. As a result, their ability to transform is greatly limited because they are living out their karmic destiny. 

To overcome these obstacles, we must learn to extricate ourselves from these limiting belief systems, and create, instead, a new interpretation and embodiment of what is to be human. 

Who is This Workshop For?

This program is designed for women and men who wish to bring their lives into greater energetic alignment with 5th dimensional consciousness. It reflects our understanding that we are spiritual beings of light and love who chose to have a human experience. We are not human beings striving to have a spiritual experience. We understand that we are in this world but not of it. The higher frequency energy of the 5th dimension transcends the egocentric, fear-based 3rd dimensional self, and contains the blueprint of our dharma.

Areas of Exploration

  • How beliefs impact all aspects of your life.
  • How language creates reality, and how to use this understanding to guide your life.
  • Cultivating intuition which is the key to accessing the blueprint of your dharma.
  • Acting with authenticity and integrity in everything you do.
  • The principle of “allowing” vs. “doing”.
  • The difference between Self-Transcendence and Self-Improvement.
  • Five steps for conscious creation.
  • How to redesign your life so that it is energetically aligned with your dharma, resulting in a life filled with wisdom, passion and purpose. 

Location: Casa Mannabliss, 1405 N. Federal Hwy, Delray Beach, FL 33483 

Sessions & Cost: Six 2-hour sessions on successive Tuesday evenings: For more information abouts dates and cost, please call or e-mail: +1 (561) 327-7544 |