Designing the Life of Your Dreams


Core Human Skills:

This webinar creates a new context for the development of “core human skills” necessary to create a life worth living, including the ability to:


  • Coordinate our commitments.
  • Build and repair trust.
  • Listen to the concerns of others.
  • Make offers that add value to others.
  • Shift negative moods (such as resignation, distrust, resentment or overwhelm) that interfere with effective collaboration.
  • Cope with constant change and disturbances as a routine part of life.


Topics for Discussion:


  • Humans are multi-dimensional beings.
  • Accessing higher states of consciousness.
  • Self-Improvement vs. Self-Transcendence.
  • We are the creators of our own reality.
  • Karma vs. dharma


This webinar is delivered in six, 2-hour sessions over a 6-week period for a fee of $495.00.

If you are interested in participating in this webinar, or learning more about it, call or e-mail: +1 (561) 327-7544 |